Director Message

    What we want to see the child in pursuit of Knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child

    Principal Message

    Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World


    We are providing many facilities like Transportation, smart board activity room, Audio visual class rooms, CCTV cameras in every class room. Playing area with well-equipped swings.


    Registrations for Pre-Nursery to 9th & 11th open in the month of November. Applicants have to follow the admission procedure; which include an entrance/written test followed by an interview with the Admission Incharge. Admissions shall be given on the basis of test & interview, subject to discretion of the school authorities.


    11:00am to 12:30pm

    Vill. & Post – Chipiyana Buzurg ,Tehsil Dadri, G.B. Nagar [ Landmark:- Near A.B.E.S Engg. College ] , Pin Code:- 201009

    Office No. :0120-3242788

    Call Us : +91 7840042789



    Dolphin Public School is a school with a difference. It has a message and it has an exalted aim. The message given by our beloved Gurus which has been enshriched in the school motto:

    Dolphin Public School is a progressive, child centered, co-educational school, committed to providing quality education for all its pupils. Established in 1997, with a vision of providing quality education to our students.

    Dolphin Public School provides opportunities and a positive environment in which children are encouraged to achieve their maximum potential. In an atmosphere of mutual support, equality and dignity, each child is given the opportunity to strive for excellence within the framework of an extensive and diverse curriculum.

    The status of our affiliation is Provisional. Affiliation Number is 2131616 Affiliation with the CBSE Board, New Delhi Since 2013. Our Extension of Affiliation up to 31-03-2018.

    The Motto of "Dolphin public School"

    We find pearls from the ocean

    Director Desk

    Dr.Mahendra Singh.

    "What we want to see the child in pursuit of Knowledge, and not knowledge in pursuit of the child"

    Education helps in promotion Excellence and sustains Quality in teaching & learning process. It Conncets the Communities; Strive for all round improvement of teachers & students. We inculcate Students in various activities so that their thought process is independent to the apprehensions and they develop sensitivity within themselves. At Dolphin the content and the teaching methodologies used, are structured in such a fashion that it gives myriad practical exposure to the students.

    My best wishes to the students and teachers who have been a part of this journey towards perfection in imparting education.

    Best Wishes!

    Principal Desk

    Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon Which You Can Use To Change The World

    My Dear Students,

    The future belongs to you, You need therefore to prepare yourselves for an active participation in all the school activities. The participation demands that you become well informed. Develop yourself like a pioneer. Inculcate a planned life where sense of values like honesty, obedience, humility, love, time and commitment must matter more than anything else.

    • Be a dreamer and a performer, participate in every school activity.

    • Don’t follow the whims and fancies of others blindly.

    • Always think and review – discover the cause and effect of every event in which you have involved.

    • Don’t surrender or become a slave to bad habits.

    • Listen to your parents, teachers and all those who matter in your student life.

    • Be reasonable and polite in whatever you do but never argue.

    • Try to be honest at all cost and learn great act of humanity.

    • Be regular in your studies. Learn to enjoy hard work. Think wisely.

    • Be serious and attentive in the class. I feel that over emphasis in academics sometimes tends to take the joy out of learning.

    • Preserve our heritage and environment for your self and for future generations. Be like a soldier. Ever ready to do your duty as a soldier..

    • Finally, never leave anything for tomorrow. Procrastination is enemy to progress.

    About Us

    DOLPHIN PUBLIC SCHOOL is located in the area- Vill. Chipiyana Buzurg Tehsil Dadri, Distric Gautam Buddha Nagar.Dolphin Public School is an English medium co-educational institution established and managed by Dr. Rajpal Singh (President) & Dr. Mahendra Singh (Chairperson),It was established in 1997,and is run by "Dolphin Educational and Cultural Society" registered under section 25 of the company Act, 1956. Period upto 30-6-2012 to 30-6-2017.

    The aim of the institution is to provide individualized education that address student's unique learning style, cultivates independent thought and promotes the building of character, enabling them to contribute to their communities in meaningful and positive ways.

    This institution emphasizes on a system of Education which builds up the Mental, Physical, Moral & Spiritual powers of a child. We produce students of good character and not just students of knowledge. Moral Education, Physical Education and Cultural Activity which instill into children the spirit of patriotism are imparted. Sports, Debates, Cultural functions are a part of the school's curriculum.

    Our Vision

    The Vision of DOLPHIN PUBLIC SCHOOL is to develop Our Students responsible, well informed, environmentally aware Citizens and useful members of Society. We at DOLPHIN Comment to Academic Excellence, Intellectual growth and high Students of Ethical Awareness.

    " Innovation in education is with creative Selection, organization and utilization fo human and material resources in new and unique ways which result in the attainment of a higher level of defined goals and objectives."

    Our Mission

    DOLPHIN PUBLIC SCHOOL aims to provide a robust and inspiring academic curriculum that addresses the criteria prescribed by the Central Baord of Secondary Education (CBSE) but is also designed to meet the individual needs of every student. Academic excellence at the heart of our school, nurture by pedagogical approaches that support the creative and personal growth and Physical, Mental development of every student.


    Pre-Nur to XII (Science, Commerce & Humanities)

    A continuous assessment is done on the basis of class tests and the students responses in the class.For the purpose of evaluating the Student's progress during the year and the achievement at the end of the year, the school has introduced a new scheme of evaluation as Indicated below.

    General Rules:

    • The result of the Tests & Examinations are communicated to the Parents through progress reports at the PTM .

    • Attendance during all Tests/Examination is compulsory. No change in date or no special arrangements will be made for pupils who, for any reasons, are absent for any test examination. However, for promotion purpose the overall performance throughout the year is taken into account.

    • For all Classes * Maximum attendance as per CBSE rules is compulsory for both the terms for promotion to the next Class.

    • There is no schedule for Re-exam/Re-test.

    • However, we think that family functions are important and should be attended. Also sick child should rest at home.

    • We have two terms with two series of weekly tests per term along with other froms of formative assessment based on day to day work of students throughout the year.Better of two weekly tests of each term will be considered as formative assessment I & II.

    • Two examinations throughout the session -

      I Summative Assessment in September - October.

      II Summative Assessment in March.

    • Promotion is granted on the basis of CCE prescribed be CBSE based on :

      • FA 1 - 10%
      • FA 2 - 10%
      • FA 3 - 10%
      • FA 4 - 10%
      • SA 1- 30%
      • SA 2- 30%


    We are providing many facilities like Transportation, smart board activity room, Audio visual class rooms, CCTV cameras in every class room. Playing area with well-equipped swings.

    Smart Class

    Computer or Technology aided learning has become a key to new ways of instruction so to make teaching & learning more interactive and interesting. The school has classrooms equipped with Eduvillee smart class, comprising of a smart board, Core 2 duo computers, keyboard, mouse, latest speakers and LCD Projector.


    The library of the school is well equipped with various books on different subjects. There are around 1607 books in library (No. of reference book class-wise). It also has numerous periodicals, Magazines, newspaper to enlighten the students. Size of the library is 900 Sq.Feet.

    Computer Labs

    Computers are required in a school for many activities. They are being used not only by the students but also by the teachers. The school has well equipped with all latest software and with Internet facility which are used by classes Pre-Nur to X. These labs include Core 2 duo computers each, scanner and LaserJet printer. The computers for classes Pre-Nur to X include 17 inch monitor, to enhance learning in an enjoyable manner.

    Physics Labs

    Physics is an experimental science and history of science reveals the fact that most of notable discoveries have been made in the Laboratory. Experimentation forms the foundation of growth and development of Science.

    The students from IX to XII perform various experiments and activities here. About 25 students can perform the practical at a time .Besides this, we have a computer with internet facility in the lab

    Chemistry Lab

    Chemistry lab of the school is properly lit, ventilated and well equipped with a capacity of 30 students to work together. It has proper stock of Borosil glass ware and digital balance along with all the necessary chemicals & apparatus. The Lab has a proper store attached to it.

    Biology Lab

    Well illuminated, ventilated & fully equipped with computer, latest instruments and apparatus. The lab facilitates the preparation of projects, which help and guide the students to keep abreast of the latest research and developments in this millennium. Research and developers analysing the "Flora and Fauna" find an opportunity to do this in the school's Bio Lab which is well equipped to serve the purpose. The lab also facilitates the students to experiment with food component, thereby enriching their knowledge about health and hygiene and medicare area.

    Mathematics Lab

    Mathematics arouses fear among many students, which in turn creates hindrance to learning . It needs to be learnt with a sense of joy and delight. To create interest in the subject, Mathematics laboratory provides an opportunity to students to use ample number of models and kits that provide hands on experience to them. The students work in groups on mathematical kits and assimilate the concept in a better manner.

    Other Facilities
    • Highly Qualified, Well Trained & Experienced Teachers
    • Healthy & Hygienic Environment
    • Digital Classrooms
    • Laboratories
    • All Streams Available (Sci., Com., Arts)
    • Sports Facililities
    • Dance & Music Facilities
    • Exposure In Craft Activities
    • Observation Under CCTV Cameras
    • Purified Water
    • Auditorium
    • Transport Availability
    • Message Alert
    • Counselling Session for Students
    • Regular Medical Checkup
    • Educational Tours & Excursions
    • CCTV Coverage in buses
    • Transport with GPRS Technology
    • Scholarship to Meritorious Students



    Project on all major Festivals (Religious & National)

    Role play based on customs and traditions


    Role play - Lessons from the Reader

    Stage performance

    Celebration on special days

    Music : Songs, Rhymes and Hymns based on Festivals and Projects.

    Dance : Rhythmic movements with music .

    Art : Free hand drawing and coloring

    Gross Motor, Fine Motor and Craft work, Paper Tearing & Sticking, Paper Crushing, Thumb painting, paper cutting, Vegetable painting, Leaf Impression, Flower Making and Paper Folding.



    Recitation (English)

    Reading (Hindi)

    Reading (English)

    Story Narration (Hindi)

    Story Narration (Engl.)

    Declamation (Hindi)

    Declamation (English)

    Awareness Quiz and Spello Quiz

    Matho - magic


    Greeting Card

    Calligraphy (Hindi)

    Calligraphy (English)

    On the Spot Art


    Group Dance

    Group Song


    1. Badminton

    2. Kho-Kho

    3. Tchouk ball

    4. Basket ball



    2. Gymnastic







    Flower Making

    Glass Painting

    Mask Making


    Chalk Making

    Pot Making

    Carry Bags

    Tie & Die


    Soft Toy Making


    Craft from Waste Material



    Role Play

    English Recitation

    English Debate

    Spello - Quiz

    What's The Good word

    English Extempore

    Advertisement Jingle

    Creative Writing

    Hindi Recitation

    Hindi debate

    Hindi Extempore

    Hindi Extempore


    Please go through the chart given below and opt according to your requirement.


    Child should be 3 years


    3.5 yrs to 4.5 yrs


    4.5 to 5.5y rs

    • Academic Session Period From 1 April-31st March

    • Vacation Period From second weeks of May to 30th June

    • Admission Period From 1 Jan to 31st March

    Admission Period from 1 Jan to 31st March

    Registrations for Pre-Nur to 9th & 11th open in the month of November. Applicants have to follow the admission procedure; which include an entrance/written test followed by an interview with the Admission Incharge. Admissions shall be given on the basis of test & interview, subject to discretion of the school authorities.

    • Registration of a child does not ensure his/her admission to the school.

    • The Academic session begins from April of the current year and extends till March of the next year.

    • At the time of Admission the following documents must be submitted:

      • Original Birth Certificate

      • Transfer Certificate

      • Mark sheet/Report Card

      • Character Certificate

    • School has adequate transport Facilities and teachers inside the city and adjoining areas like Lal Kaun, Chipiyana, Bisrakh, Crossing Republic, Pratap Vihar, Vijay Nagar.

    • Only the mark sheet/report card will be returned back after verification.

    • Parents seeking admission of their wards to a particular class should, to all intends and purposes, submit an attested copy of the recent score card along with the application form.


    Education is imparted by the well qualified and experienced teachers. They try their level best to impart education to the students in an easy to learn and homely atmosphere. Our faculty members help students test ideas against real world experiences.

    Higher classes students are encouraged to explore new fields and careers, with the aim that the students have these years to explore and never in their life will they have another opportunity where risk is so low. Extra classes are arranged from time to time by the faculty. Extra care is taken to develop the talents and potentiality of the students.

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